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Soft Plastic


Our team has provided cost effective solutions for cutting soft plastic using the same drive systems for paper cores. This eliminates the need to change, modify or upgrade your current machine at all. It requires simple adjustments to the machine with our quick and efficient tooling changeover. Please call to find out more to start cutting plastic on your current CoreTech Core Cutter.


The video to the right shows soft plastic being cut on our standard CT10 core cutter.

CoreTech Certified Blades

Safety and Cut-Quality come first with our CoreTech Certified Blades

Servo Driven Plastic Cutter

First ever Servo Driven Plastic Cutter. Please click the link for more information. Press Release

S Series Core Cutter

CoreTech has taken into consideration customer feedback and created a one of a kind cutter. Safety and ergonomics come first with a fully enclosed interlocked guard and new height for operators' comfort.