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CoreTech Core Cutter Service Team


We strive to be your core cutting partner!

Our team of qualified service engineers and technicians are readily available to provide phone and field support to customers with existing CoreTech machines. Feel free to speak to speak to us regarding operation, scheduling a service trip, or to walk you through a minor adjustment.

You may contact us via email at service@coretechinternational.com or call our service department toll free at (877) 604-7999.

CoreTech Certified Blades

Safety and Cut-Quality come first with our CoreTech Certified Blades

Servo Driven Plastic Cutter

First ever Servo Driven Plastic Cutter. Please click the link for more information. Press Release

S Series Core Cutter

CoreTech has taken into consideration customer feedback and created a one of a kind cutter. Safety and ergonomics come first with a fully enclosed interlocked guard and new height for operators' comfort.