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CT8+ Parts

Recommended CoreTech Manual CoreCutter Spare Parts List






CT8-80305 Anvil Bolt 1
CT8-30303 Actuator Level Pusher 1
CT8-40201 Knife Guard 1
CT8-50201 Tightener Shaft 2
CT8-50405 Drive Belt 2
CT8-50406 "V" Belt 1
CT8-50407 Tightener Shaft 2
CT8-80202 Knife Handle Spring 2
CT8-80301 Actuator Spring 1
CT8-30307 Tube Stop Shaft 2
CT8P-60200 Knife Cylinder 1
CT8P-00113 Pressure Switch 1
CT8P-70404 Relay 1
CT8-30707 Original 3" CoreTech Blades 6

CoreTech Certified Blades

Safety and Cut-Quality come first with our CoreTech Certified Blades

Servo Driven Plastic Cutter

First ever Servo Driven Plastic Cutter. Please click the link for more information. Press Release

S Series Core Cutter

CoreTech has taken into consideration customer feedback and created a one of a kind cutter. Safety and ergonomics come first with a fully enclosed interlocked guard and new height for operators' comfort.