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CT8 Manual Core Cutter

CT8: The World Leading Manual Core Cutter

The CT8 gives you the same cut quality and tight tolerances of our larger machines in an ergonomic package. It uses the same tooling, drive system and knives as our other line of Core Cutters while offering the same cut quality. The CT8 has been accurate, every time, only now it performs even better with a heavier structure, from the support legs to the motor mounts. The CT8 is a versatile surface-driven core cutter. It is built on a 1.75” rock maple work surface which is durable and practical. It accepts core ID sizes from 1-6”.

The CT8 is quite easy to operate, after sliding the parent core onto the mandrel, the operator sets the end-stop, which determines the cut width. The operator lowers the knife using the handle, then presses the start button. Once start butting is activated, the core starts spinning. When the core is cut, the operator manually advances the core to the end-stop. The process is then repeated as necessary.



  • 3/4 horsepower

  • Heavy Duty 120 volt motor

  • Standard 60” or 90” parent core length capability

  • Accepts 1” – 6” internal diameter cores

  • Accepts 1/2” maximum wall thickness

  • 1/4” minimum cut core width

  • Accurate +/-0.010” cut core width tolerance

  • Less than a 5 minute core ID size conversion process

  • Clean, square, burr-free cuts


See our CT8+ for a more automated version

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