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CT16 Auto - Multi Knife Core Cutter

CT16 Automatic Core Cutter with Multiple Knives


The CT16 core cutter is perfect for any business seeking fast results in large quantities of 3” ID cores. With its multi-blade system, the CT 16 can cut up to four different lengths at one time. This machine is user-friendly and is completely encased for safety.

The operator slides the core onto the mandrel inside the glass casing. The operator presses both start buttons to start the cutting cycle. The knife system comes down with up to five blades, which the operator sets to various lengths. The knives cut the core in the designated locations on the parent core, and the cut cores are ejected from the machine. This machine has a capacity of up to 60” parent core length.



  • Standard 60” parent core length capability (Custom sizes are available)
  • Accepts 2.5” – 4” internal diameter cores
  • Accepts 1” maximum wall thickness
  • Accurate +/-0.010” cut core width tolerance
  • Less than a 10 minute core ID size conversion process
  • 15 minute cut width change
  • Clean, square burr-free cuts

CoreTech Certified Blades

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