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CT11 Parts

Recommended Spare Parts for CoreTech CT11 CoreCutter




CT10-50201 Knife Yoke Bearings 4
CT10-50702 Anvil Bearings 1
CT10-50701 Pusher Bearing 1
CT10-30431 New Rubber Roller 1
CT10-30707 3" Blade 12
CT10-30716 Knife Axle Kit 1
CT10-70901 Micro Switch 6
CT1007101 Roh'lix Cam Bearings 12
CT10-60202 Knife Down Clevis 1
CT11-70205 Knife Down Reed Switch 1
CT10-80701 Ball Plungers 6
Please Call Input Card 1
Please Call Output Card 1
Please Call Screen 1
Please Call PLC 1
CT11-71821 Servo Motor 1
CT11-71819 Servo Drive 1
CT10-60111 SMC Manifold 2
CT10-60205 Spare solenoid 2
CT10-60000 1/4 Elbow Air Fitting 4
CT10-50904 Linear Bearing
CT10-01103 Mandrel Rest Kit 1
CT10-60201 Knife Cylinder 1
CT11-61051 Alignment Cylinder 1
CT11-70161 Voltage Detector 1
CT11-71828 25 Amp Fuse 6
CT10-70158 90V DC Drive 1
CT11-71817 Relay Output, Isolated 1
CT10-60002 1/4" OD Black Airline 50 ft
CT10-70101 Photo Eye Sensor 1
CT11-70135 Power Supply 1
CT11-70207 Brush Contact 2

CoreTech Certified Blades

Safety and Cut-Quality come first with our CoreTech Certified Blades

Servo Driven Plastic Cutter

First ever Servo Driven Plastic Cutter. Please click the link for more information. Press Release

S Series Core Cutter

CoreTech has taken into consideration customer feedback and created a one of a kind cutter. Safety and ergonomics come first with a fully enclosed interlocked guard and new height for operators' comfort.